{January 19, 2013}   Measuring Success

I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts today. This entry is entitled Measuring Success because it’s important to remember that there are many ways to track your progress towards your ideal weight and body. Don’t become a slave to the scale. One horrible habit that I have to break in order to save my sanity is weighing myself every morning. I know there are people that swear by it, some experts even advocate doing so to keep yourself on track. If it works for you, God bless. Frankly, the scale still has the power to ruin my entire day. It’s funny, we can tell ourselves and everyone we know everything that we know intellectually to be true, “It’s a water fluctuation,” “I’m building muscle faster than I’m losing fat,” etc., but, the second you see a number on a scale, all of that goes out the window. In the moment your eyes fixate on numerals, all common sense flees as far as the East is from the West.  That’s exactly what happened to me this morning.


 I’ve been tracking my calories on my Lose It! App for a little over a week and I’ve been working out on a semi-regular basis for the same amount of time. I thought, “Surely some change must have taken place.” You can imagine my disappointment when I stepped on my trusted Weight Watchers scale and saw that I had gained 1.2 pounds. I did a mental run through of all the logical explanations but still my heart stayed sunken. Let me mention that I am the heaviest that I’ve ever been in my entire life so seeing a number creep up instead of down, I’m sure, would dampen the spirits of someone in my position. I calmly reminded myself that I’m only two days into Body Revolution, I’ve been doing strength training with 8 pound weights, I’m eating MUCH less than I used to so my body is trying to hold onto weight out of fear of famine so I need to give myself time.


After a good five minutes, that wave of insecurity and self pity passed. And then I decided to get ready for work.  A number of my friends have told me that they measure their success by how their clothes fit, a notion I definitely agree with since we lose inches before we drop pounds.  I tried to get dressed this morning and every garment I tried to get on my body told me “It ain’t happenin’ sugar!” Dresses, dress pants, button-down and boat neck shirts. Even my tights weren’t having it! I stood in the middle of my bedroom in disbelief. I reluctantly reached for an item I knew would fit but was trying to avoid wearing….a pair of Old Navy jeans with holes in the inner thigh. Every pair of jeans that I own have holes in the inner thigh thanks to the friction caused by my thighs rubbing together. As I hunted for a shirt to wear with my holy jeans, I kept digging up the stylish, sophisticated clothes I bought two years ago with my tax refund. Many of these clothes have never been worn due to my “outgrowing” them shortly after their purchase.


It could be easily said that I had a bad body morning. Thankfully, I haven’t sought food to try to make myself feel better and cause more damage. I posted both my weight and my measurements last night because I know that the scale alone will not give me the whole picture concerning my slim down results. My measurements last night shocked the hell out of me, I can’t lie. I never thought I’d have a 39” waist or 52” hips. It’s more than apparent that I have to take action. I have to use this information and the internal feedback from this morning to push me onward towards a healthier and fitter figure. This is usually the point where someone who has been trying and doesn’t see what they want on the scale throws up their hands and dives head first into a junk food binge. A year ago, I would have said out loud, “What’s the point?!” and driven to McDonald’s. But now, I have to turn this negative into a positive. I have to measure my success in every way possible and remind myself that the scale is just a tool.


My beloveds, if you’re where I am, if you’re trying and you don’t see results, give it time. It is only through consistent effort that results come and it will take time before their seen. Continue to be mindful of what you put into your body. Keep moving your body and pushing yourself through your workouts. This is a process, a process that requires days, weeks, months, and even years of loving yourself enough to make better choices. I will stay the course. I look forward to the day I can shimmy into that pair of distressed jeans that have begged to be worn for the last two years. I eagerly await the day when my waist is smaller than 36 inches. I dream of the day when all the clothes in my closet have to be replaced because their way too baggy. It can be done! We are the ones with the power, not the scale. 

On Tuesday, I’ll be posting about one of my favorite workouts, Zumba, with my favorite instructor, Alyson. See you then, darlings. Love and Blessings from the Fit Kitty!



divineblu says:

a couple of years ago i was there ,but i had a great support system to guide me and help me out that slum. But yes i agree some lose inches or ounces B4 losing weight.I should know that was me:( But I got though it

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